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Buddy Messages (2)
Her buddies, Michael and Claudia Franks from Saugerties, NY, sent her this message:

"You are adorable! HUA angel alumni Flora,Nellie Carol and Gina are watching over you ...along with your HUA family...so you can relax and trust and come into your own true self! Xoxo The Franks Family"

Phoebe sends hugs and kisses to the Franks Family!
Her buddies, Mara Manzer and family from Auburn, NE, sent her this message:

"Hi Phoebe! Me and my family saw your picture on here and we saw that you needed a buddy so we thought we would be your buddies. You look like you are a darling girl. I don't know if you have ever known the love of a human being or not but now you have the love of 3 human beings!"

Phoebe sends lots of love to her buddies!